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What’s Been Going Down In Torbay

Well let me see hum…

Firstly there was the Radio 1 dance show on Paignton green.  Yes Paignton green! With FREE tickets!!!  We get the Bmad festival which is ace, Bikers make a difference.  The Waste Industry Expo, cool big dustbin lorries.  And then we got Radio 1!  There was Jungle Skills – good, Chris Moyles v Fern Cotton in a sound clash – entertaining, Example – ok, Zane Low – good, Annie Mac, Pete Tong and Eric Prydz – dance dance dance!  Oh yes and we were 18 again! (as you can tell by all the exclamation marks) Music that made me dance so hard. Lights and lazers that were tops, and a great atmosphere that was not completely made up of teenagers (phew).  Thank you Radio 1 we love you.  Please come back.

Zane Lowe and someone can’t remember, Mister Jam?

Then, well then, we have the Jubilee Weekend.  On the Saturday lets open our new Geo Park officially for this they decided.  Its a very nice play park but you see the council, who organises these things does not worship the sun god enough so anything they do on the green seems to be cold, cloudy and sometimes drizzly so the atmosphere is always a little damp to say the least.  Torbay Council I think you should make a sacrifice to the Sun God soon As I think you are always to be doomed.

On the Sunday it was Brix Fest.  Good old Brixham had some stuff going on but basically it was an excuse to get out the house, have a wander round a pretty town and have a beer by the harbour.  Thank you hubby it was a lovely Peroni.

The Big redball in Brixham

Monday was spent visiting Family but… We got home in time to See the Beacon!  Let me explain at the end of the Queens Concert (for a Jubilee with you know Sir Gary Barlow etc) She lit a big Beacon and when she did this people lit beacons all over the country.  Can I just say that our beacon on Corbyn Head, Torquay, was  a bit smaller than I had imagined.  When I think of Beacons from history they are said to have been big blazing bonfires.  Well Ours was a little baby thing which kinda just did not get going.  I was thinking just get out some bbq fuel and give it a good squirt!  Get that thing going!  Check it out …  Thank you Gary Barlow.

A Blazing Beacon?

But then, but then! There was the fireworks!  Watch out for the smiley face.  And the weather was ok!  Thank you weather.

Firework video

Followed By fair at night time.  This equals Lots of bright lights, lots of people and music and noise.  Thank you Fair People.

Bright lights

So moving on to Tuesday we thought we would check out the cycling in Torquay.  Halfords are sponsoring a tour series and very kindly chose to come to torquay.  Ha would never have guessed that a bike race could have so much atmosphere!  It nearly didn’t happen cos yes you’ve got it the weather.  But the sun came out and dried the roads and the crowd came out to cheer.  So the cyclists cycled their little socks off which was actually quite exciting.  You could here them coming before you saw them.  There would be a whirring noise followed be cheering and clapping then a whole bunch of bikes would come whooshing past generating a wind that ruffled hair and clothing!  Thank you Halfords.

The whoosh

The crowd round the finishing line was all noisy, banging on the fencing and the race organisers used music and the commentators to hype the crowd up and get them going. Never expected that, nice surprise.  Thank you Halfords.

After went Back to the Fair.  Awesome Whaltzer ride then Dodged them on the Dodgems.  An Amazing 4 days That were all local free family entertainment.  See Torbay Council are not all that bad. Thank you Queen for having your Diamond Jubilee.


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A banksy or not a banksy that is the question

A Banksy?

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RedBall UK

Red ball

This post needs editing when I can get the image up properly but How cool is the big RedBall?

An artist Kurt Perschke Has created this ball and it pops up all over the place.  Torbay is lucky enough to get it for the Jubilee weekend and  I think we are really lucky to get it when it has been all over the world like Barcelona and Sydney and Taipei.  Its like a where’s Waldo thing where it could be anywhere and you have to play spot the big red ball.  Its really exciting and unusual.  And it is free!  You can walk right up to it touch it and in a way interact with it.  Its really bizarre! My run past that spot will not be the same again!   this is his website

Saw it in Brixham

Missed it on Torquay Harbour.  But Saw it in the Spanish Barn at Torre Abbey.

The Artist himself, Kurt Perschke.

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Parental advice

Don’t shout! Time out!

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Simon Cowell

I seem to be allergic to anything Simon Cowell does 🙂 Which is a shame cos I love David Walliams.   (Regarding Britains got talent)

And to think I was gonna be watching Hangover 2 tonight but hubby has gone out to be a good friend to a mate!

What do I watch? Hum…..

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Walking Tree

Walking Tree

This tree so looks like it wants to walk away. And if you notice at the top it has grown a star, like it wants to be a christmas tree… aah. Makes you want to ask the question, is this tree cognisant?

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May 3, 2012 · 8:33 pm


Hands up who thinks Yoda has sold out to Vodaphone?

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